Public ASN Peering

Local Connectivity Lab operates AS54429

Our peering Policy is Yes

Please contact us to peer with our network.

Note this network is our public ASN, not the Seattle Community Network itself. If you would like to join the network visit our connect page.

Seattle Community Network (SCN) is a community network dedicated to providing fair access to underserved communities all across the Puget Sound. Learn more on our FAQ.

Peering Policy

  • Local Connectivity Lab has an open peering policy.
  • We have no requirements in terms of traffic, size, support/SLA, etc.
  • We operate both IPv4 and IPv6. Peering via both protocols is appreciated.


Building Address Ports
Westin 2001 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 1G / 10G


Exchange City IPv4 IPv6 ASNs Routes Speed
Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) Seattle, WA 2001:504:16::d49d 336 ~192K 10G

Peering Data

ASN: 54429
Peering Contact:
PeerDB Page:
As we are a non-profit, please consider providing as many routes as possible, including upstream or other routes.