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Seattle Community Network Docs

Hello and welcome to the documentation website for Seattle Community Network! If you’re looking for our main website, it is located at

About Seattle Community Network

Seattle Community Network (SCN) is a community network dedicated to providing fair access to underserved communities all across the Puget Sound. SCN is a project of Local Connectivity Lab, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit that works to share free or low-cost broadband access in higher-need areas throughout the city, making use of existing city network infrastructure such as buildings and fiber-optic cables to extend coverage to more people. . As a community network, we rely on the help of city residents such as yourself to maintain and grow the network. Joining us is a great way to become an active member of your own community, make friends, as well as learn valuable technical skills. Ask questions in our Discord and connect with our other volunteers or join our mailing list.

About This Website

The SCN Docs website is the central hub for information about our community and networks. Here, we describe our infrastructure, how to set-up hardware and software, how you can start your own community network, our community rules, and more.

This website itself is maintained by our volunteers, much like the rest of our services. That means you can help us improve it by adding missing information, clarifying confusing points, or even just fixing typos you notice while you’re reading. See Contribute to SCN Docs to learn more about how you can contribute to this website.