Seattle Community Network Docs

Welcome to the documentation website for the Seattle Community Network! If you’re looking for our main website, it is located at

You’re in the Right Place

Seattle Community Network has a place for everyone. Whether you’d like to join to get free Internet, get involved to help out your community, learn some skills so that you can get a job, or all of the above!

PRO TIP We are a community. It’s in our name! So, why not start by joining our community? It’s easy.

What’s here?

Some topics you can find on this website include:

  • FAQ - get the answers to some common questions.
  • Community - get involved and learn more about our community, our rules, and what we’re up to.
  • Learn - gain some new skills that you can use to help out with our networks.
  • Infrastructure - get the details on how our networks work behind the scenes.