Mission, Vision, and Values


LCL seeks to democratize knowledge, skills, and resources to enable people to establish and run their own local, community-centered, and community-owned Internet access networks and digital infrastructure.


We envision a world where no one is excluded from access to the Internet, and where anyone can achieve the expertise and capability to bring communications infrastructure to their community and improve their quality of life.


We value the ability to access the Internet and all public information and digital resources therein as a human right.

  • Digital privacy of our users and partner organizations
  • Collaboration, especially with the communities and organizations we work with
  • Care, consideration, allyship, and peer mentorship between individuals within our organization
  • Education, sharing, and capacity-building- emphasize teaching and dissemination of information and skills
  • Openness, transparency, and accountability of our organization and its processes
  • Democratization and inclusiveness of decision processes among stakeholders
  • Long-term sustainability of our technology deployments and community structures
  • Equity in planning for resource allocation, programming, and contribution