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Get Started

Lost? You’re in the right place!

Seattle Community Network has a place for everyone. Whether you’d like to join to get free Internet, get involved to help out your community, learn some skills so that you can get a job, or all of the above!

This document serves to point you to a few places where you can integrate yourself into our community, but ultimately it’s up to you to meet people and stay connected!

PRO TIP Do everything on this page! Our community is spread out in a lot of different places, so doing everything is the best way to get connected.

Join our Discord!

Discord is a messaging platform that we use to stay in touch with each other, organize our different teams, and update everyone on last minute things.

This is a MUST do if you don’t want to get left out!

Follow these steps to join our Discord server:

  1. Click the invite link to enter the Discord server.
  2. Introduce yourself on the #introductions channel and friend request one of the moderators so they can chat with you (you can write @moderators in your message to get their attention). They will need to add a role for you as a “member” so you can stay on the server before you log out, otherwise you will have to be invited and join again.
  3. Install Discord on your computer, Android, or iOS device to always stay up-to-date.

Chat with someone!

The best way to get involved with the network is to find someone that can direct you!

Subscribe to our Google calendar!

On our Google calendar we post regular occurring meetings and any impromptu events like social events, emergency repairs, site visits, etc. This is one of the only places to find out about the meetings our various teams are having!

Join using one of these options:

  • Use this link that should prompt you to add the calendar to your Google account
  • Use this ICS file to manually add the calendar via the iCalendar format.
  • View the calendar here

Follow our social media!

Our social media team makes posts about upcoming meetings, social events, and they also occasionally make educational posts!

Don’t miss out and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Browse our websites!

It’s also worth dedicating some time to browse all the different sections of this website that you’re on.

  • FAQ to get the answers to some common questions
  • Community to read more about our community, rules, and what we’re up to
  • Learn to gain some new skills that you can use to help out with our networks
  • Infrastructure to get the details on how our networks work behind the scenes

Also check out our main website to learn more about us too.